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Covid 19 Workplace Safety Training

The good news is that your business will finally reopen very soon. The not so good news, it comes with strict new safety standards, guidelines and regulations that you may not be familiar with. Running your business will not be the same in May as it was back in February. As business owners ourselves, we understand that your priority is to focus on the relaunch and overall details it takes to ensure your business is prosperous and thriving. With an already full plate, it may be challenging to add the new responsibility of implementing new safety standards.


That’s where we come in! Our desire is to see your business thrive. Let us take the weight of the unknown off your shoulders. 

Increase Safety Services: Covid 19 Workplace Safety Training :  Our new COVID-19 Workplace Safety Training course is designed to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 

to reopen by assisting with training of new safety standards and regulations.

Our course will help your business to reopen by focusing on 3 topics:

      1. How to develop and implement safety practices and policy

      2. How to maintain healthy business operations and a healthy work                             


      3. How to reduce transmission among employees and customers.


Included in these topics we will discuss in detail:

      o What is Covid 19 

      o Development and implementation of safety policies

      o Recognition of signs and symptoms

      o Proper cleaning and disinfecting 

         (techniques, the importance and implementation of continuous routine 


      o Prevention: steps to protect yourself and others (including, but not limited to,

         wearing masks, air purification recommendations and rearrangement of 

         furniture/work space to ensure 6 ft social distance) 

      o How to plan and prepare your business for reopening to ensure you, your employees

         and clients are safe and set up for success.

      o And much more….


Our Covid 19 Workplace Safety Training course is taught by Active Duty Firefighters and First Responders who have been on the front lines of this Pandemic and have extensive training on how to deal with this disease.

 This course is designed to be in accordance with available CDC guidelines and OSHA requirements at the time of development. 

This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about the coronavirus COVID 19 and will continue to update as new developments surface. 

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* Course can be taught in person (depending on size) or via Zoom teleconference

* 1 Free cloth mask for every   



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